In 2008 Mosrur Helal and S M Anisul Haque along with Redwan Bashar and Nusrat Sumaiya formed a common platform named Vectors and Envelopes (VnE) to start their career. After four years of successful journey, Mosrur Helal and S M Anisul Haque parted from VnE and formed a new company named Design Station in June, 2013. The spl endid experiences gathered during working tenure of VnE enriched Mosrur Helal and S M Anisul Haque and they are grateful to the friends and colleagues of VnE. Since 2013, Design Station has been trying to produce quality design works for every project they have done so far. As a firm, Design Station has accomplished wide range and arrays of projects starting from single house residence, apartment buildings, corporate offices, factory buildings to small leisure canopies and even animations and visualization projects for wide range of clients from home and abroad.  Design Station always trying to accommodate innovative ways in their design and execution process to meet the demands of the contemporary life forms.


We believe in three key aspects in our working environment i.e. Skill, Collaboration and Hard work. We always welcome new ideas and new technology into our working procedure and we are always ready to embrace them to be one step ahead in the professional field. Our vision is to always serve the community with international standards and efficient service with local materials and technology so that we can lead the industry from the front.

We want our clients will recognize us as a trusted partner and transformational organization providing the highest level of service, design, technical expertise and business performance while creating places that enhance the human experience with optimum budget and time frame.


Lets meet our Managing Partners:

Ar. Mosrur Helal Ratul

Architect, Managing Partner

B.Arch, BUET- 2009


Mosrur Helal is co- founder of Design Station. From a very young age, he had recognized architecture as a profession which takes the immense challenge to create a livable habitat for all human being. He was interested in history, contemporary trends of architecture, economy, politics, nature and environment, collaboration of technology from the very beginning of his architecture studies. He decided to take 'correctional institute' as his design project for his final semester which was an outcome of the same interest. After successfully completing his B. Arch from BUET in 2009, he gathered experience from three reputed and well-known consultancy and real-estate firms which express his effort towards architecture.


Basically, his objective is to justify full potential of an architecture with fulfilling its clients demands as well as addressing its context, socio-cultural aspects, contemporary construction systems and giving an impact to overall global perspective. This approach towards architecture taught him to be more careful to details and professional services to clients in his long professional career. In Design Station, he is involved in the very initial research phase to the execution process. More over Client realization, employee management, office management, implementations of office rules and regulation are the other sectors he is involved in. Graphic design, landscape design, product design, photography are the other disciplines which attracts his interest outside of architecture. He likes to travel and read books to re-discover architecture form a perspective outside of architecture.



Ar. S M Anisul Haque Jyoty

Architect, Managing Partner

B.Arch, BUET- 2009


Ar. S M Anisul Haque Jyoty is another co-founder of Design Station. He always thinks architecture as a product which should evolve from not only the function or needs but also the environmental, cultural aspect as well as the economy. He believes that technology and new techniques should always be welcomed into the production process.  From his student life, he had a keen interest in presentation and Architectural Visualizations using high-end software. During this time, he worked as a part time graphic designer and visualizer for two years. Later he worked as a Revit conversion facilitator and BIM family developer for overseas clients under Ar. Anindya Pandit who is pioneer in BIM and Revit in Bangladesh.


After graduation in 2009 from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, he had an extensive exposer to high end interior design and execution as well as building design compatible with the 'building construction rule 2008' under supervision of senior architects. From 2011, he was engaged in construction management and execution of residential and commercial buildings in real estate sector. Later on, he performed as a team leader of design and execution of large scale industrial buildings. As a team leader, he completed a number of industries specially in Pharmaceuticals and Dairy sector. In Design Station, he manages integration of technology in the process of design, execution and overall administration. Design development, project presentations, Client realizations, project management during execution in any given situations, visualization, cost management and procurements are also the sectors that he is involved in the company. Exploring new techniques, technologies and software are his passion. Books and movies are his companion when he is not with architecture or his family.